Information about Da-iCE OFFICIAL SHOP

In order to provide our customers with a more secure and comfortable shopping experience, we have expanded the number of payment methods available for purchases and have made it possible to pay customs duties in advance.
We hope you will continue to enjoy shopping at the Da-iCE OFFICIAL SHOP.

We have also revised some of the terms of use.
<The main revisions to the Terms of Use are as follows.>
1. the display of product prices, etc. in Japanese yen/settlement in Japanese yen will be changed to display/settlement in the currency selected by the customer.
2. Change of payment terms for non-Japanese customers for customs duties, taxes, delivery charges, import duties and other taxes, customs fees, handling fees and other charges at the time of purchase of goods.
3. cancellation of contract and change of cost burden in case of non-receipt of goods due to long-term absence, refusal to receive, non-payment of delivery charges, taxes, customs clearance fees, handling fees, and other charges under the sales contract with the customer.

For more details, please contact us.Terms and Conditionsfor more details.