Shipping policy

Shipping company:
We use different delivery services depending on your location.
*We may not be able to deliver products to some countries or regions, and your purchase may be cancelled.
Please note that we are unable to deliver to P.O. boxes and APO/FPO.
When selecting DHL or Fedex as your shipping method, please enter the shipping name and address using alphanumeric characters.

Delivery days:
Please confirm the delivery date at the time of purchase of each product.
*The delivery status is only an estimate, not a guarantee of delivery. Please understand in advance.
*When items with different delivery dates are purchased in the same cart, they will be shipped together according to the delivery date of the slowest item.
*We do not accept separate orders combined into one shipment. Please understand this in advance.
*Depending on the destination country or region, customs duties and other taxes may apply. These charges will be collected from the customer by the shipping company upon delivery or pickup. This is not an additional shipping charge.

In the event that your purchased items are returned to us by the shipping carrier for any reason, such as "long-term absence," "address unknown," "refusal to receive," or "non-payment of customs duties," you shall be responsible for all costs associated with the reshipment of your purchased items. In addition, if the re-shipped purchased merchandise is returned again by the delivery service provider, the purchased merchandise shall be disposed of free of charge, and no refund shall be made for any payment already made.
For details,Terms of Usefor more information.