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  • ■「大野雄大 (from Da-iCE) Billboard Live Tour 2024」グッズの発送について
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発売日:November 21, 2018

No matter what the sky conditions were,
No matter what the sky conditions are, there is always blue sky when you get out of the clouds.

The third single, "Kumo wo Nukatta Aozora (Blue Sky Through the Clouds)," is a warm mid-ballad, the 15th Da-iCE single and the first title song.
Beautiful piano and flowing strings are woven together to create a gentle melody that envelops the listener, and the dramatic development of the song makes it a heartbreaking number.

The song is a song that reminds us that "no matter how stormy or how rainy it is, when you break through the clouds, there is always a blue sky.
So, let's fly up to the blue sky together." With this heartwarming song, Da-ice presents a message spun with sincerity by the members themselves.

The coupling song "Refrain" is also included. The title track is a completely different story from "Refrain," a serious, melancholy, and sad number with the impressive words "I'm a wimp.
It is a heart-wrenching song that describes a love that is still unforgettable, and the feelings that keep going around in one's heart with no place to go.

It has been two years since the release of "Koigokoro," and this ballad single is finally completed, containing two songs overflowing with love for the people you care about.

Point 1: The lyrics, written by Sota Hanamura and the other three members, are remarkable!
The lyrics for this single, which marks the last song of the 5th anniversary year, were written by Sota Hanamura, Daiki Kudo, and Yudai Ohno, with a strong desire to "deliver a message to everyone who listens to it in our own words. This is the first time that the members themselves have written the lyrics for the title song of a single, and the first time for the 15th single.
The inspiration for the song came from fans. The three members, led by Hanamura, took the voices of the fans as a motif and spun the words into a song to be given to a loved one. We hope you will pay attention to the lyrics and listen to the song.

Point2 "Kono Kyoku no Sei" released in January 2015 was re-recorded in a 5-vocal version!
In addition to the two songs "Kumo wo Nukeru Aozora" and "Refrain," the standard edition includes a re-recorded acoustic version of "Kono Kyoku no Sei" released in January 2015 as a coupling song for the 4th Single "Once More," sung by five members including the performers. The song has been a favorite at Da-iCE's live performances for a long time, and is rearranged into a perfect song for this fall and winter season, featuring acoustic guitars. The gentle lyrics about precious moments with loved ones, combined with the acoustic guitar tone, create a warm song that fits the atmosphere of this single perfectly.

Point 3: The special video includes "Another BET Tour," a 70-minute video shot by the band!
The limited first edition A includes the music video of "Blue Sky Through the Clouds" and the making of the video, and the limited first edition B includes the bonus video of "Another BET Tour in Korea," which was shot in connection with the latest album "BET" released in August 2018. The video includes a lot of newly shot footage. The five members were very serious about learning new choreography under Junho's direction, and they were also very eager to learn the choreography for the song "Bodyguard" from Junho Lee, a young up-and-coming dancer they had been eyeing, as well as to learn about their other mission: to promote their new album. The five members "bet" their money on a big game at a casino in Korea...
The two serious games, lasting about 70 minutes, are a must-see.

Message from Da-ice (link:



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