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[Da-iCE OFFICIAL SHOP/mu-mo SHOP/Venue Limited Edition] Stage "mononofu Series"Best Album(2CD+DVD)

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Following the success of "Mononofu: White Tiger" (2015), which depicted the youth of the Byakkotai, a series of films titled "Mononofu Series" has been created.
The second production, "Mediteru Ookami Kuroki Kamo" (2016), focuses on Saito Hajime after the death of the Shinsengumi.
In this third production, Daisuke Nishida, writer and director, has written the final chapter of the series.
The theme is "The beginning of a group is its peak.
The story vividly depicts the days when the Shinsengumi gathered together and ran for the heights, and how they headed for the end of their lives with the times.
The cast, including Sota Hanamura in the lead role, is full of personality and has taken up the baton for the final chapter of Mononofu, telling the story of the men who ran through the turbulent times.
The long-awaited best album containing the long-awaited "Konyaku no back" and many other famous songs from the Mononofu series, including theme songs and insert songs, is now available for purchase!
The three-part Mononofu series, "Mononofu: White Tiger," "Meditating Wolf: Black Duck," and "Running Hayabusa: Hitodaiwa," will be revived here.

Written and directed by Daisuke Nishida

Sota Hanamura(Da-iCE)

Hidetoshi Kubota
Ryosuke Yamamoto
Taishi Sugie
Ode Kondo
Kohei Hayashida
Seina Yamashita

Kameharu Nakamura

Takashi Ogino
Tomokazu Koshimura

Gentoku Aoki
Hirofumi Araki

Koji Matoba


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