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The biggest stage in the group's history that Da-iCE reached with their fans!
The first arena performance lasting 3 hours was recorded completely uncut!
And now, Da-iCE is going to the new "NEXT PHASE"...

Point 1
The first arena performance is fully filmed! The 3-hour performance and MC are completely uncut!
Da-iCE's national hall tour "Da-iCE LIVE TOUR 2017 -NEXT PHASE-" started in June 2017, and the last day of additional performances at Makuhari Messe Event Hall on December 16, 2017 is already available on video! As the culmination of the "NEXT PHASE" hall tour, "NEXT PHASE" is where Da-iCE reached with their fans, Makuhari Messe Event Hall, the biggest stage performance in Da-iCE's history. The tour final was a moving experience filled with love (a-i) as everyone sang, danced, and smiled together with the fans in the packed venue. The three-hour-long performance and MC filled with the culmination of Da-iCE's "NEXT PHASE" were filmed in its entirety, with no cuts!

Point 2
The performance included a wide variety of songs from the most exquisite ballads to exhilarating vertical groove sounds!
In addition to songs from the album "NEXT PHASE", all singles released in 2017, "Tonikakku Hey" and "Kimiiro", they performed an official cover of DREAMS COME TRUE's famous song "Osaka Lover"! In addition, a large volume of live footage including the fastest performance of the latest single "TOKYO MERRY GO ROUND", which marks the beginning of Da-ice's 5th anniversary year since its release in January 2018, will be included in the show! Including "Setsu kutte -5 Voice & acoustic ver." in which the audience was enveloped in silence as the 5 members sang about their sad feelings for their beloved and precious ones, and "Paradive", a classic live song of Da-iCE that had the audience singing along and making noise while spinning their towels. The album includes 32 songs in total, including encores!

Point 3
The "hilarious" MC parts unique to Da-ice are also uncut!
Which member will be teased this time? MC parts without scripts and completely ad-libbed are also recorded without any cuts!
One of the best parts of Da-ice's live performances, you can enjoy the "MC parts" filled with the individuality of the five members, which you can only see in the live performance!

Point 4
The first single "TOKYO MERRY GO ROUND" of the 5th anniversary year of their debut will be performed!
Included is the first performance of the latest single "TOKYO MERRY GO ROUND", which marks the beginning of Da-ice's 5th anniversary year in 2018, which was a surprise to the audience!

Point 5
The extensive making-of feature film is a massive 40 minutes in length!
The making-of featurette closely covering the backstage of the tour finale is also included, running approximately 40 minutes in total! The making-of featurette includes a lot of behind-the-scenes footage of the Makuhari concert, including scenes from rehearsals and backstage, as well as interviews with the members about their thoughts and intentions regarding the production, costumes, dance, etc., which can only be seen in this film! The camera is placed in the backstage area, and each member draws a question and answers it!

Point 6
Sound, lighting, video, and performance. The stage is filled with a spectacular performance that is carefully calculated!
The dance performance on the main stage with 6 huge movable LED panels that were precisely calculated in conjunction with the lighting and video to decorate the background, and Da-iCE's first trolley to make the audience feel closer to all the people in the venue, were all performed at the large "arena" venue, which is a unique live performance. The Da-iCE fan club held a contest for "the song you can't wait to see until the release date" and the winner was chosen as "the song you can't wait to see! The bold performance of "Step Back!", which won first place as the "song I can't wait to see" in the Da-iCE fan club's survey of "songs I can't wait to see", featured the five members trapped in a cage with a blazing fire and a performance full of masculine charm, and the production was stripped down to the bare essentials without any lasers or moving lights. The stage is a masterpiece that will entertain you with the world of Da-iCE's music with your eyes, ears, and heart. The live DVD and Blu-ray show is the only way to enjoy the production, which was made with the utmost attention to detail in the members' facial expressions and gestures!

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