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  • ■「大野雄大 (from Da-iCE) Billboard Live Tour 2024」グッズの発送について
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  • ■「大野雄大 (from Da-iCE) Billboard Live Tour 2024」グッズの発送について
  • ■お届け時期に関するお問い合わせには対応出来かねます。


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発売日:April 24, 2019

Da-ice's 16th new single "FAKE ME FAKE ME OUT"!

FAKE ME FAKE ME OUT" is a hot piano POP band that has been making great strides since their major debut in April 2018 with "No Doubt," which was also used as the theme song for Fuji Television's "Geki 9" drama, The song is provided by Satoshi Fujiwara (Vo/Pf) of Official Bearded Man dism.

Da-iCE has long been fascinated by the addictive music of "Hagedan," with its exquisite choice of words over a superb pop sound with its roots in black music, and has publicly stated that he is a "Hagedan lover. Da-iCE has not only performed with them at live events, but also aired their songs on their regular radio programs and made guest appearances on their leader Daiki Kudo's regular radio program, and they have been asking "Please write the first song of 2019 for Official Da-iCE offered to write the first song of 2019 for the band. Da-iCE offered to write a song for the first song of 2019. Da-iCE offered to write a song for the album.

The "groovy and soulful" new song "FAKE ME FAKE ME OUT" weaves together the music of Official Hagedan-dism and Da-iCE's proud 4-octave twin vocals, and is a blend of HipHop, Funk, Jazz, and other elements. The song is a fantastic and mellow number with an urban sound that mixes elements of HipHop, Funk, and Jazz into Pops, and lyrically sings a story that is somewhat aesthetic and sexy.

The coupling includes two songs, including "WELCOME!", which has been used as the TV commercial song for Token Corporation's "Home Mate" since December 2018. WELCOME!" is a message song written by vocalist Sota Hanamura and GASHIMA of WHITE JAM as a cheering song for all those who are starting a new life.

FAKE ME FAKE ME OUT" is the first single of 2019 by Da-ice, celebrating their 5th anniversary.
The strongest single in the group's history is finally completed with a triple tie-up for all the songs included in the album!



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