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[Normal Edition・First Flash Price Edition] Da-iCE BEST(CD)

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Da-iCE's first best album "Da-iCE BEST" covering 6 years of Da-iCE will be released on June 6 (Thu)!

Da-iCE means "dice" in Japanese, and a "die" is formed when the five members (5 sides) and their supporting fans and staff (6 sides) come together. Da-iCE will release their first best album "Da-iCE BEST" on June 6 (Thu.), the 6th year since their debut.

It will be their first best album "Da-iCE BEST" to be released on June 6 (Thu.), the 6th year since their debut, and it will be a "business card" album filled with Da-iCE's 6 years of history and their feelings for the past 6 years! Please look forward to it!

The album contains a total of 18 songs, mainly singles, but also songs that are in the works or being considered! This is a perfect "Nice to meet you disc" to get you started listening to Da-ice!
We want so many people to be able to get their hands on this album that we've decided to make it available at a very reasonable price! The "Flash Price" is for a limited time only!



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