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[First Edition] Natural StoryCD+DVD)

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Conceived about 2 years ago
Da-iCE Sota Hanamura's band project has finally started!
The 1st mini album "Natural Story", which will be released in full force, has lyrics written by Sota Hanamura for all the songs on the album.

The album contains 5 songs that weave the lag between encounters, partings, and people.

The first pressing includes the music video for the lead song "Mirage" and "The making of Natural Story," a behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Natural Story.
It includes a document video of the making of the song, which has never been filmed before!

The band is now in full swing with Tomoki Fukuda on guitar, Nobuyuki Abe on bass, and Louis on drums!

Sota Hanamura's comment
I am very pleased to announce the band project.
To be honest, I am very nervous and scared to sing alone.
I love performing with the 5 of us and spending time with everyone to create a live show.
But since the beginning of this year, I have been working on Sashin's dance works, Toru's video works, Yudai's solo album
Daiki's....various things. Straw
I was able to see everyone's solo expression up close,
I felt I had to express something that only I could do.
But I was afraid to do it alone, so I decided to do it with my friends.
I will write all the lyrics by myself.
I will sing with all my heart so that as many people as possible will receive my determination.
But my number one is still Da-ice.
I will deliver music that cannot be expressed by Da-ice with my band members.

Formed in 2019.
Band project of Sota Hanamura, vocalist of the 5-piece dance vocal group Da-iCE.
The band's name is a coined word from "Natural (natural) and Lag (misalignment, delay)".
A misalignment will always occur with people other than yourself.
It is because of these gaps that we can dislike or love other people.
This is the meaning of the song that I would like to write, in which we can cherish the natural lag between us and such people.



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